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Mia Khalifa Net Worth, Salary & Bio

Mia Khalifa earned only $12,000 during her porn career, but her current net worth is over $3,000,000. How did she increase her net worth?

Mia Khalifa Net WorthMia Khalifa Net Worth: $3,000,000

Status: Retired

Birth date: February 10, 1993

Porn career: 2014-2015

Country of origin: USA

Who is Mia Khalifa?

Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-born social media personality and professional model, formerly the highest rated porn star on PornHub.

Mia was born on February 10th, 1993 in Beirut, Lebanon, but she moved to the United States together with her family in 2001. She grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland in a home she describes as “very conservative” and attended the Northwest High School. After high school, Mia Khalifa graduated from the University of Texas, El Paso with a Bachelor’s degree in history. Soon after, she moved to Miami to pursue a career in the modelling industry.

In Miami, Mia worked as a bartender and a part time model before entering adult entertainment with Whataburger in 2014. In the span of only a few months, Mia Khalifa recorded 21 videos and became the most popular porn star in the world with millions of views pouring in from across the globe.

Mia Khalifa’s personal life

In 2011, Mia Khalifa married her high-school sweetheart, but the pair divorced in 2016. More recently, she revealed her engagement with the Swedish chef Robert Sandberg in 2019, but the wedding has been postponed due to the global crisis surrounding the corona virus.

Mia is a huge fan of sports and she even had a brief stint as a sports commentator in Los Angeles, but she quit the position after only two months to return to Texas. She’s a vocal supporter of the English Premier League club West Ham United.

In June, 2020, Mia revealed she paid $15,000 for a nose job.

Controversies and death threats from ISIS

As she rose to fame, Mia Khalifa quickly started receiving death threats from ultraconservative and extremist Muslim activists who despised her for her use of traditional Muslim clothing (the hijab) in her videos. ISIS militants accused her of desecrating the holy symbols of the Muslim faith. Her family decided to stop talking to her amidst the controversy.

In January 2015, she signed a new long-term contract with BangBros, but resigned after only two weeks, fearing for her safety. To this day, she remains a highly popular porn actress, despite not appearing in any adult movies since her early retirement.

In 2016, the men’s magazine Loaded named her as one of the 10 most notorious porn stars in the world.

Despite occasionally performing webcam shows, Mia Khalifa has repeatedly refused offers to get back to the porn industry. Instead, she focused on building up her social media profiles, which are estimated to bring her between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in revenue per year.

Legal issues surrounding her work

In July 2020, BangBros sent Mia Khalifa a legal order in regards to her interviews that portrayed BangBros and the porn industry in a negative light. As part of her activist work, Mia often talked about the inhumane work conditions and the rampant sexism in porn, drawing global attention to the problems in the adult entertainment industry. She claims she was forced to perform acts and BangBros allegedly continues to publish her works marking them as new content, making people believe she is still active. This has lead to a new wave of death threats sent to the famous porn star.

What is Mia Khalifa’s net worth in 2020?

In a recent interview, the young actress says she earned only $12,000 during her porn career, despite the unprecedented success of her videos. She admits not expecting to earn millions from porn, but felt the need to clarify the common misconception people have about porn stars and the adult entertainment industry in general.

Mia Khalifa’s statement in full:

People think I’m racking in millions. Completely untrue. I made a TOTAL of around $12,000 in the industry and never saw a penny again after that.

However, despite these measly earnings from porn, Mia Khalifa’s current net worth is considerably higher. Today, she has more than 16.7 million followers on Instagram and around 3 million followers on Twitter. Thanks to her social media personality and her fierce activism, Mia Khalifa has increased her net worth in dollars is $3,000,000 (as of 2020).

Mia Khalifa’s net worth in rupees is around 225,000,000 INR.

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